DARPA Phase II (Pentagon Demo)
May 2013 - Aug 2014
  • Using Aldebaran NAO to break into mobile device swipe based authentication (C++ & Java)
  • Authentication system for android device written (MATLAB)
  • Modular authentication system with different classifiers and feature extractor classes for different biometric sensors on the android devices (Android API)
  • Did attack demo for DARPA at University of Maryland and at the Pentagon
  • Combined with android application development and dedicated Linux based server (BASH, C++, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java)
DARPA Phase I (Data Collection)
Winter 2014
  • “On the phone for twenty” & “Walking with phones for ten”
  • Application designed to collect data using android smart phones while labelled users walk for few minutes
  • Used by PhD student in same group to progress towards dissertation (Android API)
  • Took open source android browser, modified it to log swipes, typing events, and sensor events (Android API)
  • Android Pointer Location class was borrowed from source package and modified to meet our needs.
  • Designed separate application for rooted android devices to collect data directly from the kernel level
  • More than 100 users data collected
DARPA Phase I (Version Control Server)
Fall 2014
  • Created a version control server powered with git (BASH, Linux, C++)
  • Fedora 19 Operating System, Apache web server, gitlab server package
  • Created first for senior capstone project and later extended and improved for DARPA project
  • Entire codes for capstone hosted in the server. All related android applications project as well as codes written for robotic attack hosted
  • Server open in specific port and for internal group only
Molecular Electronics Research
Winter 2011 - Summer 2013
  • Worked with numerous scientific softwares to perform heavy calculations on LONI systems(HPC)
  • Organic compound Cobalt-bisdicarbolide was studied as a possible replacement for current electronic components for efficiency, size, and faster performance
  • Designing of applications required to manage and automatically process large amount of data